Kid-Kanye, China

This photo surfaced recently in the Kanye to the and RapGenius forums, posted by the user Frak. The rare photograph shows kid-Kanye on a bridge in China rocking a denim jacket with a purple sweatshirt and what we’re pretty sure are a pair of Nikes. Frak provides a little backstory:

"This is crazy. My dad is an astronomy professor, and we just had dinner with his astronomy advisor from Harvard. He asked what I was into and I told him about my ventures into hip-hop (I’m a rapper/producer). He asked if I knew about Kanye West, and obviously being a Ye stan I kept my cool and told him yes. He then told me that him and Donda West were good friends and co-teachers in China, and he got to spend a great deal of time playing with Kanye as a kid. Out of nowhere he whips out this picture and my jaw-drops. He said Kanye was a really sweet kid who wasn’t afraid to speak to adults and ask questions."

Enjoy The Flight…